1 Hour challenge!

Hey, I did a 1 hour challenge and made a game called button game. I would be totally open to making it better. I think I need to nail down the balancing on different buttons, and need more of them. Some ideas were like an enemy button, where you would lose 50 presses if you pressed it. (you have to be a doofus you doofus) Maybe I will, but let me know how it is :slight_smile:.


Also, here is a rundown of what the buttons do:

  • Golden Buttons: 1-35 chance, give +25 presses
  • Add Buttons: 1-25 chance, +1 press per click
  • Auto Button: 1-25 chance, +1 per auto click (10 secs per click)
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Maybe add a reason to have a score? Right now the score is nothing but a value given when clicking a button, but what shall the value possess?

Purchasing memes like Spunch Bop

I am not really sure what I could do with them. Sure, I can make a shop, but I donโ€™t know how to make it more expensive each time you buy it. And I donโ€™t really know what to make the upgrades

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