1 Object triggers another object??? Possible???

Is it possible to make it so an object can trigger a different object? Like if i had a Block or something i could make it trigger an animation for a different block or something like that. Anyways, if there is a way tell/show me, if there isnt well… You should add it. :smiley: :slight_smile:

do you want to make an lever?

It’s called the message feature. There’s a trigger that looks like mail, have it send Hello to the object you want it to trigger. Have the other object use the mailbox to receive Hello.
Messages work like invisible wires, across multiple objects. Just make sure the message you send and receive is exactly the same word.

Oh, i was wondering what those were for :smiley: Thanks so much!!!

You can use the message and mailbox behavior.
This is a VERY simple example:


Wow I realised I saved the comment instead of posting it. So sorry for the late reply :confused: