15 Days until the Spookiest Day of the Year!

I know this may seem like spam, but it’s also a reminder for the post date of my trailer of my game. I probably shouldn’t make such a big deal about it since its not really good, and its still not even done, but I figured that I would give some people something to look forward to on the 31st is they don’t celebrate Halloween.

You can play the demo here, but the Trailer for the official game doesn’t release until the 31st.


i haven’t even played the facility until last night. looks really cool. I love the automatic doors and the funny dialouge “working hard or hardly working” is a good one I’ve found

can’t wait to see the trailer

Really like how the facility turning out, really neat effect such as the welder, i wish to see more

Ok, thanks you guys. Also I did update the vertical doors, cause I had some complaints about them not working (which they did, but you had to enter them weirdly) so I made the top part become transparent when you are near it so you know where to go and I shortened the top of the door for more or an entrance. So it should be much easier now.

Glad you all like the game.

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