1d block destroyer

There’s 3D.
There’s 2D.
But what about 1D?
This is a game on a line. It’s unfinished,so it only has one level.

a unique idea, but not completely 1d

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I’m not smart enough to make perfect 1D,so instead i just do this lol

1d would basically be unplayable anyway


3D allows you to play on a 3 dimensional plane allowing you to walk up, down, left, and right while also being able to go up or down the previous layer, like jumping.

2D allows you to play on a 2 dimensional plane. Which only allows for up, down, left right moment without being able to go to other planes, just a single layer.

1D is only just a single dimensional plane which is basically nothing since there is no plane formed, but some people explain it as a line. Technically you can’t move anywhere since no planes exists to move upon. I guess if you smoosh a game to where it is just a line, it would count, but it would be almost impossible to make a game of it.

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That’s 0D. Think about lowering the dimensions as just flattening different shapes: You just make 3D completely flat to make it 2D,and then for 1D you flatten the square to make it a line. 0D would be the one where you can’t move anywhere because 0D is just a single pixel. With 1D you can have a player character,but they would just be a line in another line.

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a moving line within a line… i think this idea could potentially be something extremely cool and unique like no other game to date.

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