1v1 Battle/Interaction Simulator!

This game relies totally on the Game Editor (is that a proper noun by the way?).

I’ve had this idea for a while now. Great for YouTube videos!

I might make one later called “Qu vs. Monsoon - Anthropology Battle!”.

I’m making the battle now, here’s the Monsoon sprite:
Monsoon Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
pixil-frame-0 (48)

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Other sprite for the battle here

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a off topic meme


sorry @John_Shrekinson

also im making a battle, would you like to 1v1 me in it @John_Shrekinson ?

from Imgflip Meme Generator

Do you still have that tab open? If so, please press the Windows key and the Print Screen button at the same time to take a 1:1 screenshot so that I can post it here for people to download if possible (my friend nhgcr is likely interested in Metroid Dread too). Amazingly awesome sprite by the way.

Unfortunately, I cannot fight you because this is not an online game. It is a video making tool, but it can be used to play local multiplayer 1v1 fights on the same device.

Qu vs Monsoon- Anthropology Battle (PUNISHING Gray Raven vs Metal Gear Rising-Revengeance

The battle is here!

Monsoon is launching crates with Lorentz Force but Qu blocks every single one

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Why don’t you just make it so you can build it from the game?

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She was using her signature weapon


Real answer

It’s too complicated (also may be unnecessary) : (

did you unlock it

No I’m still trying to get Rosetta’s signature weapon. Also don’t go off-topic please; we can continue this conversation in the OTC.

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