2 glitches

1.) two of my character always vigorously shake

2.)my animation on the stop sign plays an extra frame. its supposed to red-yellow-green but it goes red-yellow-green-red to access the animation click a character


Hey ztg5,

  1. Which characters do you mean? Usually shaking up and down is caused by the physics not being stable, to address this you can turn the “bounce” setting on that character or the surface they are standing on all the way down. Also, you can adjust the gravity a small amount, which will clear it up. If a character is jittering from side to side, that is usually a behavior that is causing it.

  2. I think what is happening is that you are playing your animation (red, yellow, green) and then when the animation is over, it returns to the regular sprite (red). Here is how you can fix that:

  • make a new animation, call it “go” or something, set it to “loop”, and make it just one green grame
  • when the “timer” animation is done, trigger the “go” animation

This way, the sign will stay green until you stop the animation.

@grazer my two characters that were bouncing are on my two player level. one would shake on the character on the character selection rack but then would be fine and the other was the opposite. I fixed the first character but the second charcter (the penguin) still shakes when dropped. I’m confused what u suggested to do for the animation

@ztg5 Easy, just change the penguin’s shape to capsule, or rectangle. Although on rectangle, the penguin doesn’t touch the ground all the way. Just as grazer mentioned about the physics, I usually encounter that problem only among circular objects, I don’t necessarily know why. However, what grazer is saying about the animation, I believe is that your animation only consists of one frame of red and one of yellow, then once it is done, it triggers the “go” animation consisting of the one green frame.

Another option to your animation problem is to set a timer to start when your animation plays. Use the timer to proceed through your behaviors.

1)Disconnect the two numbers (0,-1) from your timer animation done output. Connect the play output of your timer animation to a timer trigger.
2) Set the timer to 20. Connect the timer output to your numbers. (0,-1)
3) Add one more frame of red in your timer animation, so that’s, red, red, yellow, green.

That should play the correct animation, ending on green. I hope this helps.