2 suggestions


  1. The ability to make labels appear and disappear by triggers
  2. To send messages to more than one object

And that gets my point across :slight_smile:

You can do those already. You can make labels appear and disappear by triggers, and you can send messages to other objects.

Ah yes, it is indeed possible to send messages to other objects. Understood, but allow me to elaborate on my point…which I should have taken care of initially.

By sending messages to more than one object, I mean sending more than one message within ONE “send message” behavior. Not two send message behaviors. Not three. Within one. Due to the concept of the previous game I just made, it involved implementing much “send message” behaviors. All in all, I am merely suggesting a more efficient alternative when you need to send a message to more than one object. It gets tedious after clicking “send message” numerous times.

Making labels disappear? I have attempted to make them disappear, but only ended up with glitched up letters everywhere. In addition, there’s no “visibility” indicator for the label. Therefore, I did not attempt further. You just go and edit your object, spawn a label, and boom, the label is automatically spawned. But there’s no option to turn it on. Nor turn it off. It’s forced to appear. So why should there be an option to turn it off? Understand what I’m saying? Perhaps not. Basically, I just don’t see how to turn it off without destroying the object.

In the meantime, I can attach the label to an object offscreen, then destroy if necessary. I mean, if it’s easier to stick with that work-around rather than programming a (perceived [by you guys]) unnecessary feature, I can work with it. The thing is that I’m anticipating that sticking with the work-around is at the expense of adding more poly’s to the game, which would thus lead to greater chances of slower frame rate when playing on the iOS. At least I’m pretty sure it would, no?

Thanks if anyone could reply

Thanks for the feedback, these are both good ideas :slight_smile:

Can you also add ‘turn left (a number) degrees’ and a ‘turn right (a number) degrees’ behavior? I might need it for my mine craft game because the head of the mine craft guy needs to move so ill just use an attacher to attach it to the body.

A rotation behavior will do that, send a number into it and it will rotate your object that many degrees.

Okay I forgot about the rotating thing