20 limit solution

hey @grazer I have an idea for how you can make everybody happy with the 20 character limit. When someone creates a topic they can set the character limit for a post max being 20 min being 5 so that way theirs still a limit on the amount of characters but then you can type “thanks” in a topic. Also you could have it changed based on your trust level.

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I don’t think that’s necessary. The 20 character limit is perfect the way it is, and doesn’t need to be changed!

Well, I can kind of go against that, maybe bring it down to 10 or 15, most people can’t even name a discussion with a small amount of words cause of it, other than that It does keep people from saying too many one word comments, which that’s the only thing I like about it. I feel like the number should go down by five depending on your trust level. Since mine is three, it would be around 5 or ten, but i don’t think grazer has control over this, since this is part of Discourse.


No the charecter limit is editable

the trust level thing is a great Idea though

Oh it is? I just figured that since it was made using discouse that it was set that way.
Also yeah, i feel like the trust level thing should be added since the more higher level you are, the more people know that you aren’t just going to make messages for spamming, cause that would ruin your reputation. Just an idea.

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well lets just hope @grazer sees this

I think the 20 character limit is fine the way it is. Having the character limit go down for trust level is not a bad idea either, but I would say it should bring it down to 15 characters. Nothing too drastic.

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I agree, its annoying having to put (202020202020) after every short message.

Yeah, the lowest I can see it being 10. Any lower and it wouldn’t really have an effect or anything.

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Use the heart icon instead of saying “thanks”.

This isn’t a good example for why to lower the character limit.


I just used that as an example