2022/Bad Reputation/2022

Hey all
NOOB: Im here to rap, that Im a noob and I cant make games. So listen up heres a game, i promise to make, promise to suffer, and promise to publish. So here i go.

QWEN: well you be quiet. this is a game making website not a music company. Hello again just here to show another game that i am making. I dont know really, everytime i make a game theres always something that pops up in the way. so I always have to dig another path.
This game is called Noob Goes Back.
2022_03_10_0ke_Kleki (1)

NOOB: Hey thats me.

QWEN: Duh, who else would it be??

Once upon a time there lived a noob who never died, never did won. Many people said he was the most annoying scum of all time, As he burned towns down and boomed the streets.
But when a ship shoots snowball everywhere they think its him. so they locked him up. but still the ship shoots snowballs. so they let him go and tells him if you can go and stop them we will let you free and get all the ice cream.


There is mouse clicking involved, please add WASD movement. Also, I’m gonna give you the exact same criticism people had of me that I wish I followed when I first started Flowlab: “Try and finish and polish your other games before making new ones.”


hm good point. sorry for the wasd. arrow keys always a habit



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So anyways people of noobs i have now add wasd, sleeping and a house. ta-da.
What im going to be doing into the future is adding more props to the setting of the story.
going to do screenshot before and now.
Screenshot 2022-03-11 7.40.37 AM
Screenshot 2022-03-11 7.41.08 AM

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