2nd Level Out! (uhhh hard or smt)

I made my new Game and the 2nd Level is Out! Its pretty hard and uhhh

plz pluy

And btw is it laggy?

There’s no link smh…

He doesn’t actually want anyone to play it, he just wants people to know that he made it… : )

Ah yes, the classic.

1000 IQ

Oh wow yes Im 1000IQ xd I actually forgot the link tbh


I was being a sarcastic humble one.

Why do you need to make a new game for each level though… You’re just wasting free edition lol

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Its the same Game… it just has 2 lvls only for now

The other Game got all 5

But you are making a new game for each adventure…

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You can just use positions, then you won’t waste levels.

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Yeah but I want it like that or Imma just delete the Levels in the first Part and make each Game longer

Alright, you do you.

And yeah I was sarcastic too c:

Keeping it in one level is a way better idea than making a new game each time. If you keep remaking it you’re never going to finish anything

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Thanks for rewording me Agent_Y sir.

I was agreeing with you

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Ah, yes.

I see, good man here.