3000 Apocalypse

Try my awesome (or the opposite, whichever you choose) game! 3000 Apocalypse, a sci-fi sort of platformer game with checkpoints and everything. This will also be my first game with a real storyline. Try to get to the 4th checkpoint, and please help me improve this game :wink:
And I guarantee myself that there’s gonna be at least one person complaining that it’s too hard (it’s not that hard once you get used to it, like any other game). It’s in its pre-alpha stage for now, but I’d still like to have some feedback :slight_smile:
and the storyline at first, I’ll remove the timer if necessary, because it takes too long and I just wanted to experiment with it

I also attached a poll cuz I like polls. If you’re too lazy to comment then a simple voting would be helpful!

Lovin the mechanics man

thanks m8

Great game, looks like my W.I.P game, gravity. But its a good start!

thanks! The human storage is temporary and only lasts for 1 level. After the escape scene you and four other CPUs will end up in a top-down outside world (filled with raging psychopaths), where you have to work together to survive. Then, you must find a dungeon that leads to an elevator, which will teleport you to the final test.

Oh ok

The conveyer belt kept killing me btw

Sorry I didn’t explain everything correctly :frowning:

  1. If you jump on the conveyor belt you can move freely in the air.
  2. If it’s the red laser that’s getting to you you might need to time it.
  3. Sometimes spike balls end up in wacky places, considering that it uses timer and rotation, and I need to fix that somehow.

This game is already starting to feel really polished, and I like the mechanics. I keep getting killed on that conveyor belt as well :frowning:

Thanks for your feedback @grazer (I think this is the first time you commented on one of my games)! :slight_smile: Can you guys tell me what you’re getting killed on? :confused:
-just the conveyor belt (What??)
-conveyor belt + spikes
-conveyor belt+ red lasers
-conveyor belt+ spike balls
-conveyor belt+ spikes and spike balls

If it involves the spike balls I really need to fix it ;-;
although I can get through the whole thing myself (lol)

p.s. there’s a lot of conveyor belts, can you designate a specific one?

Conveyer red lasers

same here

did you try jumping backward? That always works for me

or maybe I have to make it easier

Make it to where walking backwards will make you stop moving

Yes, do that

I love it… its kinda easy to me but i love it…

okay, I will add that later
@pixelpizza easy?! So you made it all the way? Then I’ll make the difficulty higher
and since the stop-on-conveyor-belt thing makes it even easier, I will add increasingly hard challenges later on after the 5th checkpoint. Anyway thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Try to jump backward, it’s actually really easy to avoid those lasers if you get the hang of it :wink:

and try going up to checkpoint 5. By the looks of it nobody has gone more than checkpoint 3

if you get to checkpoint 4 there’s gonna be a blinking blackout until checkpoint 5, which makes it super hard

I don’t get any blinking out, and There are a few points where the jump is too high and you can’t get thru, Because of this I had to cheat to checkpoint 4