3D Game

Is there a way where I can make a 3D game? Like, an FPS, or a Third Person? I want to be able to do 3D…

If you want to make 3d games, I recommend http://unity3d.com

Yes I would definitely recommend unity3d as well, the maps are pretty easy to design using a single sky view image of a mountain, or you can import google sketchup 3d models, or blender 3d models if those suit your needs. There are many tutorials on coding in C, C++, and C sharp as well, and I suggest C sharp for anything on Unity, I do not recommend python, that’s more for blender.

I have unity3d it’s just too complicated for me… Could you show me how?

Sure, here’s a great tutorial http://vimeo.com/18983027

Thanks, it’s… Long… LOL! But, this is so gonna help!

Sadly that’s only part 1 of 20, then there’s level design, and 3D modeling/texturing :slight_smile:


Wow… I think unity is just too complicated for a 12 year old. AKA, me… XD

Oh, I was wondering why you were so enthusiastic about asking questions. Hey, I’m happy to help out here and there, so just list grazer and I in your credits if you ever finish your game :slight_smile:

Sure thing!

Some Time I Will Do The Impossible Make A 3D Game WIth Flowlab Its Possible But HARD

here guys i saved this it might help you :slight_smile: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/23803

No SC, CM means 3D 3D, not RPG. I have already made an atari/nes first person shooter example, and I have explained how to make a mild 3D driving and tank game.

Sorry i thought it is good but i am NOT good at this i am still learning things but soon i will get it :frowning:

If u want to make a game,i recommended https://scratch.mit.edu