3D games

its simple for us to create games in 2d…i want a simple challenge of making a 3D game…basically how it would work is that people use polygons to create and form their own characters…next they drag up or down the terrain to form it…then they highlight areas where the character/AI cannot go.

Thats definitely a cool concept, but I think it’s probably best that we wait until flowlab exits beta before we try 3D

Online multiplayer would be better

grazer would have to make a faux mode 7 for even slight 3D, and I doubt that will happen. Try Unity.

For online multiplayer, you could use sockets. One person is a client that connects to the host IP, and use Player 2 keys on their keyboard. There may be third party programs to share your screens and keyboard, but don’t do that unless you trust that person.

@“Mhx Ar” agreed. I had recommended that to grazer not too long ago but I don’t think he saw it.

TeamViewer lol