4 Character Adventure

If you want a 4 character adventure, check this out.


wow guys comment any imporvements for me

Sure, I have some comments:

  1. I like the four player concept, that’s a cool idea.
  2. The object of the game isn’t clear - you have to touch the fly(?) to progress to the next level, but it says “danger” when you touch it. I would change the text to say something else, and maybe change the fly graphic.
  3. It would be really cool if you can think of ways to make it so that you actually need to use the other players to win somehow.
  4. Good luck, I like what you’ve started so far :slight_smile:

try level 4, theres a certain character you needa use

its a good idea after all, but try to use different keys on the others…

2 players is good too like Lava boy and Water girl


1st : up,down,left,right
2nd : a,s,w,d
3rd : j,k,l,i
4th : v,b,n,m