4 direction enemies kill

I have made the main sprite in my new game (SSOB) but the enemies don’t die all the time. I can’t get the damage to work just right. I try using proximity to make the sprite (Super Spring) but it only works sometimes. here is the game… http://superspring.weebly.com/super-spring-origins-beta.html
I just need to be able to get enemies to chase. I think I could maybe send a message to them through super spring to get it to work… got any cool ideas?

Hey i went on your website and I’m wondering how you got your game onto your website. And by the way great game!

Thanks also in the Game menu it shows embedded code for each game :smiley: here’s a pic Screenshot 2015-01-29 at 6.42.02 PM
So also I have not really thought much about this idea, but I was thinking a message telling the other mob what to do to get him. I think it may work :smiley: tell me though if you have a simpler way. Also MEET THE VILLAGERS :stuck_out_tongue: new update to the game with NPC :stuck_out_tongue: also the ninja is faster than you :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I got it to be better (for my ninjas that follow you) but I want to make it so that he can get around (like a player) so I am going to add artificial intelligence.