4 Example Games for Flowlab

I made many examples crammed into one game while using the free edition. Now that I have an Indie account, I can make these into actual games. I made 4 example games and they all can be found in the first one. These levels try to show how to use these and how they are coded. Mess with the coding and make sure you understand how it works, refreshing the page will reset the game.

Semi-solids show 3 different ways to make a semi-solid platform and
Jump meters show 3 different ways to make different jumps.
The shop shows how to make a proper shop with saves and
Checkpoints also shows how to use save but as a save state.

Semisolid Platforms: Flowlab Game Creator - Semisolid Platforms
Jump Meter examples: Flowlab Game Creator - Jump Examples
Shop example: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/1186462
Checkpoint example: Flowlab Game Creator - Checkpoint example

These will help a lot @“JR 01” ! You’ve been very helpful throughout the community, and a very key part of it! Thanks!

Thanks @rcreger, I’m still learning mechanics for flowlab.
Actually, one of of the platform examples were actually discovered by @“Biscuit Butter”

Yeah, I have seen his work with those. He was good at making puzzles and new gameplay ideas.

Thanks! @rcreger

This is so useful! Thanks! =D


@GreatHornedOne, which one are you trying to do?
These aren’t easy for newer users, understand all the behaviors in Flowlab and you can do it too.
I can help if you’re still not sure what your doing wrong (and please leave a link to your game).