4 More Example Games and Test Idea's

With updates, changes, and new mechanics, I made several examples and tests that can greatly change a game completely. Over the past few months I’ve been trying may different ideas and also creating games to help around the forum. I hope these have greater use and knowledge for everyone. Let me know what you think or about your ideas with these ideas.

Target Example distance the camera between the player and an object, allowing keeping both in view in the game. You can walk or jump to or away of the object and the camera will still center between the 2.
Checkpoint example 2 is a new idea for checkpoints! Instead of creating more objects or keep adding more code, this uses 1 checkpoint object for ALL checkpoint areas.
Kinematic Examples are a new form or mechanic that was intentional but not realized. Basically these are objects that can move but can’t BE moved by anything else. This is extremely useful for things like New Platform Example, movable walls, enemies, and obstacles.
Inventory Example is a simple way to make an HUD inventory system. I may make a more librariac system later but this is still unique and useful.

With new behaviors and changes gets new ideas and possibilities. With the recent Time behaviors added, I made a test to represent time, Calendar, and a literal wall clock.
With many failed attempts, I eventually found a game that lets you make Joints. They’re not perfect, but these can be evolutionary designs that can be used. With Joints, you can curl, swing, and suspend objects with links that create its own physics by using a Polygon hitbox. Joints have great potential and I’m working on a test for making a boss with joints. I may later make a few more tests to show the availability with Device Check and Cursor later.

Target Example: Flowlab Game Creator - Targeting Example
Checkpoints example 2: Flowlab Game Creator - Checkpoint Example 2
Kinematic Examples: Flowlab Game Creator - Kinematic Examples

Time: Flowlab Game Creator - Time
Joint Test: Flowlab Game Creator - Joint Test

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These are all really cool, and very helpful. You blew my mind with the joints!

Thanks @grazer, the idea inspired from @SnakeInMyHoot failed test game he doesn’t have anymore.
I really expanded on the idea after that.

Oh my. JR 01 you have really outdone yourself.

These ideas are very extraordinary! (surprised you are not rated 5/5 by Mhx Air) You push the boundaries of flowlab and made these masterpiece examples. These are all very helpful to me, (probably everyone else) and I could use every single one for a great purpose.

Did I ever mention that your one of the people who helps the community a great deal?

Thanks @ShadowAxeKid, glad to hear it.
I try my best to help around, I like solving problems and creating new things with Flowlab.

@JR01 its obviousy not as extrordinary as yours, but i made a game with just some little tests to see if I could do them: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1472883

@Baconcat008 as you can see this discussion is from 11 months ago.

Please don’t revive dead topics. I don’t think you realized this was old so I’ll give you a free pass on this one.

why cant yo comment on old posts? (im wondering, not arguing)

Because it pushes newer posts down meaning it may not be seen and the person who posted it may never get help

plus how would you like it if you posted a thread 11 months ago and your done with it and someone posts on it WAY later

@Ramshacklegamestudios is right about old posts @Baconcat008,
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That’s just about the run down, I would like if we could manually close our own posts in the future.
Also the formatting on a lot of these old posts are broken since the Forum changed, so there are to read anyway lol. You can also DM me if you have any questions about my old posts.

But since the topic is at the top again, I like your collection of tests.
It’s a nice and simple ways to setup some game ideas, I’m even getting a few ideas of my own by playing it.

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That makes sence. thanks for clarifing!