4 more suggestions


Now, I already know that you can’t click okay if you input characters the expression does not understand. My suggestion would be to only be able to input characters the expression does understand. If someone typed a “$”, it should not show up in the type box. (From the looks of it, the only understandable characters are A, B, +, -, *, and / )
I remember trying out the expression for the first time, and was wondering why I could type anything. However, me being cautious, I never clicked okay if I typed a character an expression did not understand. I was confused as to why I could do that anyway. To prevent others from being confused, perhaps rid of the ability to input unnecessary characters?


Why not?
The reason I put a search a bar at the top and bottom is to let others decide which location they find more visually appealing.


Why not again?
Also, I have already accomplished this on my own basically. To save time for others, maybe this could be a new feature?


Allow me to elaborate if you are confused.
“Find behaviors to use” - I could have put that in simpler words but couldn’t think of it :confused: basically, if someone wants to be lazy, they could search for the trigger/component/behavior they want to use by typing in the name. For example, if they typed in “once”, pressed enter, a “once” trigger should appear :slight_smile:
“Find behaviors within this object” - As previously stated before, this could be useful for someone’s behavior cluttered object. How it should be executed…I’m not particular sure. Maybe someone could search for the label on one of their objects? For example, if their label is “move up”, then it is typed in the search bar, then pressed enter, the behavior window will automatically center its focus on that one particular behavior/number/trigger.

I really do enjoy getting these off my mind. Input?