4 questions about game creation

I am new to using this, I have 3 questions about how to do things/if they are possible.

  1. is it possible to clone an object as a different type? (e.g. you have a blue car with a speed of 28 (called for instance “bluecar”), and then clone it, and name the clone for instance “redcar”, then change the clone’s sprite and speed to something else, without that also changing the original car’s sprite or speed)

  2. is there a possibility to view an object’s collision shape (while testing your game)?

  3. is it possible to “detect” an object’s current “data” such as velocity? (so you could e.g. have a text pop up when the player’s car goes over a certain speed)

  4. is it possible to change the “visibility layer” of game objects? (when multiple non-collidable objects are in the same place, which one should look like it’s on top)


  1. Sort of, when you clone an object it takes all of the original objects, well… everything, and when you change something about one of the objects, it changes the other, so youd probably just have to download the original sprite, and upload it to a separate object.

  2. Yes, theres a debug mode which I think is Control + D but I could be wrong.

  3. Yes, I havent personally done this so my explanation wouldnt be great, but someone on here may be able to help you out with that specifically.

  4. Sort of, chances are if youre trying to do something and theres no specific behavior or option for it, theres a work around, in this case (if Im reading this correctly) you can set all those objects to have an alpha of 0 and when something happens you can trigger them to make one of their alphas go back to 100.

Good questions! :slight_smile:

1. No you can’t. You’ll have to create a new object and copy paste the behaviors from the bluecar object. Another thing you can do is using object families, but I don’t recommend that for beginners. Too complicated.
@PixelStudios What, you don’t even have to download it. You can just click browse and select a sprite from another object…

3. You can use an extractor for that. The image below for example will restart the level if the object’s horizontal velocity (x) is greater than 10:

4. I don’t know where PixelStudios is talking about, but I think you’re talking about display order:

1- it is, but theres multiple approaches, for example if you wanted to blue car and red car to behave IDENTICALLY, then the red can can have the blue car as an object parent. Alternatively you can simply copy/paste the behaviors and make sure
everything is identical. Its directly above the layers stepper.

2- Studios is correct, while playing the game, control D will show all colliders on the screen

3- yes, an extractor does this, find it in properties. You have to be very specific though, as it will only work with a single object of your choice.

4- as of right now, not yet. You could use some logic to cause it to appear that way, but other than that, no.

Thanks, but when i press control D the only thing which happens is that a add this website to favorites window opens. (Both in google chrome and microsoft edge).

I have now tried it at a apple laptop at my school, there the debug mode does work, but is there also a way to do this on a windows PC?

Click somewhere on your game and try again