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You should be able to spot the change in that picture. This suggestion isn’t too big of a deal, although it has been on my mind for a while. If I have to keep going back and forth to certain objects in my game’s object library, I think having that button would make things go just a bit faster. Who knows, maybe someone is impatient and is annoyed by constantly clicking “ok” then having to click on the object library again.

  1. Having notes within the behavior window. In other words:


Yes, some behavior components do have the capability of adding labels above them. Unfortunately, the font is so small and you can only input so many characters before it cuts off. I think having something like this would allow us to more easily identify which behaviors do what, provided someone’s actor is EXTREMELY cluttered with behaviors. (cough Mhx cough) Those black lines? Perhaps they can be separators to organize one’s behaviors. Again, it can be extremely useful if someone has behaviors scattered everywhere.

  1. Being able to click on an alert through the Behavior window.

One of my level starts off with an alert, and my actors will not activate unless you press the button. Because of this, I cannot actually tell, through the behavior window, if certain triggers are firing or not. That is a problem because I need to tell if any of my triggers are firing. I could simply just remove the label for now, but I have already implemented the “enabled” and “message” components in all of my needed actors. I don’t want to screw anything up and have to go through the process of replacing everything later. I mean, If I am forced to do this, I will.

  1. Copying and pasting bundles (cloning)

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Behavior Bundle feature is useful (for most people). The only problem I have with Behavior Bundles are that you cannot change it’s contents according to specific objects.

For example, let’s apply “Bundle” to “Object 1” and “Object 2”. I want Object 1 to move with a speed of 5, and I want Object 2 to move with a speed of 6. If I save “Bundle” with a speed of 5, I can finally apply it to Object 1. Now, let’s save ourselves some time and add this bundle to Object 2. But wait, the speed is 5, let’s change it to 6…and that’s where the downfall occurs. The speed is now 6 in Object 1 as well.

If you guys were aiming to have the purpose of bundles as templates, I think copying and pasting will fit that role and do the job. I could clone “Bundle” and name the clone “Bundle 2”, then change the speed in Bundle 2 to 6 and apply it to Object 2. Understand?

Yes, making something move is a simple task and I should not be lazy to the point where I am complaining about adding 3 specific behaviors to an object. Point being, this should be used for actors with more complicated functions, such as an object spawner that includes many exceptions. One may need this spawner for another level, and will be able to save time and edit what they need to.

And I hope that was short enough. Responses?

Hey man, it’s cluttered because I’ve been doing this since last fall, back ways before organizing was even a thing. I hate it too, because it left a ton of bugs that I can’t find. I still consider starting over.

I just thought it was pretty funny how it’s cluttered because it just plain amazes me, but yeah, i can understand.

You can look at the “Mhx” object, zoom out ALL the way, and still only see about 1/6 of all the stuff. The bad thing is, THAT’S JUST 1 OBJECT.

I don’t really support for 2 because some behaviors have the label so we don’t need notes :stuck_out_tongue: But i would like more labels for stuff :slight_smile:

Hey Muphins,

First of all, thanks for the feedback. I agree 100% with number one, I actually was thinking it should be automatic when you close the window.

The second idea is also great - I have actually had that exact thing on my todo list for a really long time now :slight_smile:

The third idea I need to think about more carefully, to see if there is a way to tweak the bundles so they work for you. The bundles are still pretty new, and they aren’t yet exactly as polished as I think they should be.


Word, great minds think alike.

The third idea is referring to clicking alert buttons through the behavior window. I think your message there is a typo, considering alerts have nothing to with bundles.

The fourth idea is indeed referring to behavior bundles. But if I were to suggest a possible tweak, make it so that once bundles are saved, one can edit them and not have it save over other objects that have that bundle, if that makes any sense. Or I do suppose that could be optional? You are the coder here.

The thing that severely bothers me about bundles, is this:
Make 2 objects, give them the run and jump bundle, only one object works.
Delete the working object, and the other one still doesn’t jump.
This will permanently ruin your game, if you accidentally give 2 objects the same controls.

To number 4:
If you put a bundle on two objects, then rename and edit one, it seems to separate the two. On the game I’m working on, I inserted the run & jump bundle, renamed it and changed the velocity and jump height, as well as adding some other things such as animation, and the original run & jump bundle stayed the same.

in number 2 you can just put them in bundles and name them.