A-Box (Update Log)

Update Log

I think it is about time to give A-Box an update log, since I will definitely continue to work on it. Some of these updates listed below were created quite a while ago, but I’d like for you guys to see the development of this completely through, as I did for A Boy in Armor. But first, here is the link:


If you’d please give it a like, it would be most appreciated! I will also take suggestions for this game.

Now, for the updates :

(Version 0.1)

  • Basic creation of ground/floor blocks
  • Made several different objects to give an affect of a 3D game.
  • Made T.0.DD, in same 3D theme.
  • 3D theme completely established adding in decorations and tubes/walls.
  • Added water as a way to lose the game.
  • Created a box and bolt background to give the same mood.
  • Added a help in the beginning of the game (blue paper icon).
  • Added an in-game help when you click T.0.DD.
  • Added spikes as a second way to die/lose the game.
  • Added lasers as a third way to die/lose the game.
  • Made special alerts for each way to die/lose the game.
  • Progressed in level development and obstacles.
  • Created T.1.M., who may not be a one time appearance…
  • Gave T.1.M. a teleport animation.
  • Finalized T.1.M.'s dialogue for beginning.
    (Version 0.2)
  • Got help from @“JR 01” and @“Johnny boy” with saving so that the player does not restart after dying.
  • Added a “delete progress” button in-game.
  • Made a menu WIP.
  • Decorations added to menu, with display of two of the three deadly objects.
  • Created a logo suiting for A-Box.
  • Changed A Box to A-Box in title, added Plymouth Interactive Fables to title.
  • Added a help in the menu.
  • Placed the “delete progress” in the menu.
  • Added an animation to logo to give a glitching effect.
  • Added an Easter Egg in menu. Can you find it?
  • Update log added to menu.
  • Movable block added for puzzles.
  • Able to restart game, deleting save(s), by pressing “R”.
  • Added an Easter Egg in “An Adventure”. Can you find it?
  • Finalized movable block, able to be destroyed in water.
    (Version 0.3)
  • Added puzzle button.
  • Added puzzles blocks (solid and non-solid)
  • Updated button pressed animation.
  • Updated non-solid block animation.
  • Added J.4.CK.
  • Added J.4.CK teleport animation.
  • Added checkpoint when colliding with J.4.CK
  • Game (not menu) now has music by @Eric_Matyas .
  • Menu music added, by @Eric_Matyas .
  • Changed in-game music, by @Eric_Matyas .
  • Press “M” to go back to the menu.
  • Updated J.4.CK teleport animation.
  • Fixed programming in non-solid platforms.
  • Added Start Up level.
  • Made “Box Factory” animation for Start Up.
  • Added cinematic appearances of GUI labels.
  • Added bar saying “loading” (it isn’t really loading, but, why not?)
  • Fixed label effect with the help of @“Johnny boy” .
  • Added music to Start Up, by @Eric_Matyas .
    (Version 0.4)
  • Added underground blocks for more diverse structures.
  • Added underground-left.
  • Added underground-right.
  • Edited objects to fit with underground object.
  • Extended level.
  • Graphics update.
  • Finalized Start Up.
  • Added new background piece.
  • Made game cover (you have to search my game to see it).
  • Made water transparent.
  • Adjusted water transparency.
  • Made it so it says “checkpoint” when a save is in session.
  • Medium/Hard level section added.
  • If you press Enter, boxes go back to original position.
  • Added ST.3.V.3.N (level 3/4 done!)
  • Added ST.3.V.3.N saves/checkpoints, and delete save.
  • Movable boxes are destroyed after the seconds in water.
  • Three second animation for movable box in water.
  • Can respawn movable boxes after they are destroyed.
  • Alert wont repeat when jumping on top of them.
    (Version 0.5)
  • Edited laser animation
  • Graphics update
  • Added TNT
  • TNT only destroys spikes in certain puzzles
  • Extended level
  • TNT only activated when movable block is dropped on it
  • Updated properties
  • Updated TNT sprite and animation
  • Added new T.0.DD and T.1.M for boss fight
  • Added a ton of new animations for each character
  • Added lasers which T.1.M shoots
  • Added bar for T.0.DD’s health
  • Made it so both characters don’t move when done (thanks @“Johnny boy” and @“JR 01” !)
  • Made large GUI system for final speech
  • Finalized and cleaned up animations, speech, and sprites.
  • Added A-Box logo in the background
  • Added main level ending
  • Added main level ending dialog and animations
  • Cleaned up animations
  • Game flow complete - goes to “The Battle” level
    (Version 0.6)
  • Added credits
  • Finalized credits programming
  • Edited label placement
  • Added credits music, by @Eric_Matyas
  • Completed game flow
  • Credits deletes saves
  • Added sprites to FlowCode objects
  • Added damage animations to “The Battle”
  • Typo fixes in “An Adventure”
  • Typo fixes in “The Battle”
  • Graphics updates
  • Added portals that the player can travel through in “The Battle”
  • Started work on monitors
  • Finished monitor overall look
  • Added monitor animation
  • Added monitor GUI
  • Fixed monitor GUI typos
  • Add “click me” to monitor (you have to click monitors)
    (Version 0.7)
  • New boss music by @Eric_Matyas
  • Updated “Portal 2” sprite and animation
  • Added health bar to main level (health = 5)
  • Changed boss health to 5
  • Dying does not pause the game, but character stops moving
  • Edited health bar
  • Added health bar to boss T.1.M
  • Making win scenario
  • Fixed win scenario beginning programming
  • Finalized win scenario prgramming
  • Fixed win scenario dialogue typos
  • Applied animations to win scenario
  • Added alpha to menu
  • Added sound effects to T.0.DD interactions, by @Eric_Matyas
  • Added sound effects to other characters and objects, by @Eric_Matyas
  • Changed music volumes
  • Changed sound effect volumes
  • Added sound effects to “The Battle” level, by @Eric_Matyas
  • Edited “The Battle” sound effects volume
  • Changed “Credits” scene music, by @Eric_Matyas
  • Made it so the music fades in, then out, in credits
  • Edited credits volume
    (Version 0.8)
  • Edited sound placement in “An Adventure” ending
  • Updated graphics
  • Edited sound FX on monitor
  • Edited credits placement
  • Changed health amount in “An Adventure”
  • Changed health amount in “The Battle”
  • Updated T.0.DD “The Battle” animations
  • Added a 2nd monitor
  • Designed look for 2nd monitor
  • Animations applied to 2nd monitor
  • Sound FX and alerts applied to 2nd monitor
  • Edited obstacle sensitivity
  • Edited animations to 2nd monitor
  • Edited the alpha for “Press Enter to Play”
  • Finished editing the animations in “The Battle”
  • Edited “Help” content
  • Changed the “Delete Progress” in the menu back to the User Interface
  • Added bullet effect object
  • Added bullet effect programming so it wont lag game
  • Edited bullet effect sprite
    (Version 0.9)
  • Updated bullet particles
  • Fixed typos
  • Added new SFX for when the mouse is over a button

This is all I had in my notes at the moment, and I will place any new information here! Thanks for the help, and here are the things I am going to try to make, which I will check off once I do accomplish them:

Coming up :

  • More characters (after game has finished boss)
  • Puzzles
  • More story development (started )
  • Skins (most likely in the form CUBED used it)
  • More obstacles (So far: water, spikes, lasers, movable blocks, buttons & blocks, TNT)
  • Credits
  • More options in menu
  • More scenery pieces (if objects are available)
  • Boss

This is all in due of fact if I have enough objects, but I think I can manage if I keep things small. Thanks again, and enjoy!

P.S., you may review this game, just ask first.

New update! Easter Egg added in menu! Try to find it, and tell me when you do! Good luck!

New update! Update log placed in menu! Go check it out!

New update! New movable block added for puzzles! Go check it out!

New update! Enabled to delete last save by pressing “R”!

New Update! Try to find this in-game Easter Egg I made! Also, no one has yet found the menu Easter Egg, so go try and find both! Good luck!

This is the end of A-Box Version 0.2, and so here comes 0.3! The story isn’t even finished yet… :lol:

sorry i havn’t been posting come to my broswer

It’s been quite a long time @drivera , but what do you mean, “come to your browser”? Or just post a link, either way works. Nice to see you again!

New Update! Finalized movable block, but be warned: it will be destroyed in water! (If that happens, I suggest just jumping in the water after it :lol: )

New update! Added puzzle blocks and buttons like the ones in @“Biscuit Butter” 's Kid’s Quest! Go check it out, as it will be more developed into gameplay!

New update! Added J.4.CK, another Box! Go check it out!

New update! The game (not menu yet) now has music thanks to @Eric_Matyas ! The song is Cyber-Rain, which I think fitted decently and was calm enough to fit with the story, but yet energetic enough to give the game some movement. I posted in his discussion my game and asked him for suggestions for music, so I will check those out as well once he responds. Go check it out!

@rcreger I favorited it so it will show up more and because I’m thankful for you and your reviews.

You know what, I’m thankful for you making such amazing games @“Johnny boy” , and how you’ve helped me with just about everything. You’ve just made my day, thanks!

New update! Another one of @Eric_Matyas ’ music pieces is now used in the menu screen! I may change the game music to fit it better, but thanks anyways!

Well, new update! I changed the in-game music because it did not fit with the menu music as much, but it is still @Eric_Matyas work, so it obviously still sound great! Thanks, and go check it out!

New update! Press “M” to go back to the menu!

New (pretty large) update! Added a Start Up level, with many different pieces of timing programming, giving it a cinematic effect (thanks to the help of @“Johnny boy” ), and with @Eric_Matyas ’ music (I will add credits to this game, so I can credit him for this music)! Go and check it out!

Version 0.4 has started! I will be working more on the game, now!