A BRAND NEW GAME! (credit to Star Trail)

Hello free online 2D Gamer’s,
This is my Brand New Game! Its Called Space Jump (CREDIT TO STAR TRAIL).
You can play it here - https://Ryantmc.wixsite.com/flowgames
Or Play some other games here - http://flowlab.io/game/play/976838

Please alert me if you have any Feedback!


The graphics are quite rough, to be honest. Also you might want to consider fixing some of the mechanics, such as setting a limit on how much juice needs to be collected before being able to move on, and preventing the “level 2” sign from blocking the screen. I’m sure the game will be good if some of those are fixed :slight_smile:

Also, you can jump as many times as you want IN AIR, allowing players to skip the entire level. Also, did you get the links mixed up?

I agree with the comments above, and getting jellied does absolutely nothing, so you might want to fix that by pausing the game when you die. Also, you might want to incentivize the collection of juices because right now there is no point in getting them.

@BitWit @Greggo @Luminous Thanks so much for the feedback! I will make sure to fix all these issue’s.
And @Greggo I may have mixed up the links for something.

@Bitwit @Greggo @Luminous Thank You For Feedback! I have fixed up some of the problems. Feel free to checkout!