A bunch of glitches in one...

I found like 20 glitches trying to make a bossfight . One is that for some reason the impulse trigger doesn’t work if you are moving. I know it’s possible to get over that, but the huge amounts of code you’d need to make one impulse trigger work isn’t worth it. Also, the randomize trigger is weird and I don’t know if it’s supposed to, but I think 1 to 2 for it can equal 1.2434895742398472492837. So that’s annoying. Also stuff that moves and has a rectangle hitbox are weird and can flip on ground considering it is slight off. The hitbox should be smaller than the block, not bigger, and perfectionism isn’t possible. I also want to know why when I use an animation the slight bottom of some of the frames go on top. Weird, right? When I was trying to make a laser work, after working, a few reloads later it stopped emitting. Now it’s undone so don’t say it’s not connected, as I know. I’m not trying to be mean to this amazing game and throw to much at you at once, but some of these NEED I mean NEED fixes. The last bug fix update was awesome, but there is still some game breaking bugs that are incredibly annoying. When I was making music for the first level or starting screen I also found that the music would start unless you use a collision and make a block fall on that thing after a few seconds.

I found most of these while making this game - https://flowlab.io/game/play/1336436

music works fine for me

Hey @Diamondkittyxl - I’m sorry that you were running into glitches, but I’m not sure I understand some of them.

  • Impulses definitely work fine whether moving or stopped, so maybe that one is just a misunderstanding?
  • Random is not a Trigger, and I’m not sure how you ended up with a floating point value like that, Behavior blocks only allow Integers currently - can you give me a couple more details?
  • Emitters have a limit on how many objects it will allow to exist in the level to prevent lag. If you allow the objects to expire (or destroy them with a destroy block) you won’t need to worry about hitting that limit. Is it possible that you are running into this issue?

I made the emitters expire in 2 seconds (or 18 10ths) but it all of a sudden stopped working though.

@Diamondkittyxl , Do you use flash? I did before and things randomly stopped working and seemed glitchy for a while and everyone else saw either better or worse. I know this may be completely irrelevant if you use HTML 5 but i’m just curious to know that could be the cause of some of the problems and why the music worked fine with Seamothmaster45 and not you.