A celebratory game

i dont expect you all to cheer cuz this might not be big to you, exactly one year ago, i made a game called daybound, i had it planned for months, but on 17/10/2020 was when i decided to take action. with no coding or experience, i made a crappy game, and eventually made a series which improved over time, i put my heart and soul into them and eventually grew stuck to them. wow,i cant believe it, time passes by fast, now im 12, being 11 when i made the first game… since i had free edition, i have only one of the original ones left, ill keep it there forever. the date of the release of the first game will be etched in my heart. so now, i make the last one, the one much similar to the first game, a platformer no dialouge, saving a sibling. this new game may not have all the old characters in it, but its still crammed up with enemies from the past, and classic music all of us know ( cuz they were like the only free music before lol) so I do hope you enjoy. Flowlab Game Creator - a special game (i dont care about my grammar)


Well that’s strange. Credits are usually a sci-fi currency.