A Contrast/texture tool in the sprite editor:

I think this could be an awesome addition to the sprite editor, and would make texturing sprites so much easier and more fun.
If I need to explain more, please ask (=

A line editor as well

Contrast is like changing color values and Textures are like blending images.
Conveniently, I just updated my RGB test to have multiple backgrounds and foregrounds to better test blending modes.

RGB test:


@“JR 01”, these two could easily be one tool in the sprite editor, and it wouldn’t make something like that useless, if anything, it’d make it more useful. I’m asking for both, 2 in 1.

Its to test the blend and color behaviors specifically,
like how I pulled off light in NYCTOPHOBIA or how CBG made Focus II…

I use this example all the time for my games, I just updated it to have a background so you can understand how the blend modes work better.