A few things I want that will help me a lot with making The Graveyard 2

I’ve been making a lot of progress in The Graveyard 2 lately and I’m really proud of myself.

But, there are a few things I really need for continuing the progress. @grazer

High priority

1) A way to store multiple values inside a save block
I have a shop with weapons and characters. For each weapon and character I have to use a save block (0 for not bought, 1 for bought). That would take very long time to implement. So I suggest a “key” input to the save block, so you can basically have a key-value pairs. If you input 1 to “key” and 5 to “save”. A new pair will be created which is 1=5. If you want to read the value you just input 1 to “key” and input read so it’ll output 5 because 1=5.

2) Fix mobile multitouch
You can’t press two buttons at the same time. It makes the mobile export feature kinda useless for my game.

3) “Send to all attachments” option the message block
I suggested this over a year ago. This is good for sending information from the object to an attachment, for example a health bar.

Low priority

1) Search object The list to select an object really needs a revamp. How is there not a search feature yet? It takes forever to find the object you want

2) Display order setting in labels
Sometimes I want labels to be behind UI objects so this would be a useful setting.

Thank you

Just make it a behaviour. I mean the save block. Will that work?

Bro, I Been Waiting… FOR THE SHOP.

@pixelknife3 you commited grave digging(ill let you of with a warning lol)plus the greveyard 2 has been out for a long time lol

I Know

This is very old, please refrain from posting on old discussions as it pushes new and more important discussions down the home page. The feature requests I mentioned in the original post still hasn’t been implemented yet (except for #3). I need the first feature (storing an array in save blocks) in order to make the shop in The Graveyard 2, it’s a lot more complex than the first game.

If you want to discuss about The Graveyard 2, you can do it here:

You could add power us or something that drops from the enemies and can upgrade your bullets like a bullet that goes through multiple enemies or explosive bullets ordered for something. Just an idea.

Edit: Sorry @Latif i didnt see your comment there. Oops