A glitch with the game screen idk what 'to' do

should i report…?

that looks like something is crashed - can you post a link?

ok its @GameMaster107 game its here

That’s weird - I’m not seeing that issue. Does it happen every time, or do you have to do something to trigger it?

i just clicked edit and it went up (i wanted to see some code)

It happened to me a couple times before.

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uhhhhh whatt…???

Don’t be Off-Topic do that in the Off-Topic Channel

yeah…! Now about that glitch… idk whats happening with it?

It’s just a way people say “to” 2 not have 2 waste time and type 2 letters 2 get 2 or “to”.

If you don’t understand 2 bad.

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if u have something against me writing a 2 in the middle of the sentence i can change it lol


shoulda kept it lol

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Well okay, well next time make sure 2 make that more obvious 2 all of us.

Thanks 2 you 2!

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I’m sure people have already said this, but I feel this could be some sort of bug on the flowlab website. Probably from an internet or server error regarding 2 finding the exact page the game is located on.
I don’t know any possible methods 2 avoiding this or even how 2 cause it. I would probably refresh the page a few times, close the browser and reopen it, or restart your computer or device.
That’s about all I can think of.


Honestly, I’d do the same thing 2.

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ok guys thats enough 2s i think he gets the point