A "Hide" and "Show" Behaviour

I know what youre thinking, slapping your hands on your foreheads, but hear me out - this would really help and heres how it would work.

So most of you have to know this is a feature from scratch, and that hiding does exactly that, as if to hide and disable all things related to it, and show would reval it again. In scratch, this was crucial becuse unlike flowlab it did not have levels or a big space to use, it was essential for fitting everything on one big screen.

So why would we need this for flowlab? Partly? Animation wise. We could have a flashing animation that van play hwile other aninations are running (ect, you get hit, your charcter flashes while running and idle animations are happening).

Another use is it would be useful for background code, and could be used in the same way peole use it in scratch as we try to avoid using too many objects and levels. Additionally, it would make great for gameplay mechanics and helping for things like boss battles and puzzles.

I know this is not an essential feature to add, second to things like level duplication and more buttons on alerts, but still a feature that could really help non the less. Any thoughts?

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I don’t get it, why don’t you just use the alpha block and set it to 0% or 100%?


I guess that could work too, but some of the interesting options of what to do in the show and hide blocks might be interesting to see as well as just making it a lot easier in general.

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Ok but still you can use the alpha block pretty quick too why waste @grazer time when you can just use 2 more secs to make it with alpha blocks

I never tagged grazer

Alpha = 0
Enable = False


Hey @The_Kodex - just to make sure I understand the request: would this be any different from just setting alpha to 0%? When alpha is set to 0 the object still has physics, and behaviors still run. Using @JR01’s suggestion would disable the physics too, but behaviors would still run.

It would be nice to be able to turn off an object’s behaviors too, but then it would be impossible to re-enable.

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@grazer That would be helpful I don,t know in what way yet but I’m,sure @JR_01 could figure it out for a use.

maybe make it so that all constant effects are disabled instead of ALL behaviors?