A lil help here?

First off, LINK!

I can’t get the blue blocks to be solid!

It sounds so dumb but some reason I don’t know why they’re messed up…

@“JR 01”
@any one else!

Is this just a glitch?


Can’t attached objects be solid?


No, attached objects don’t have collisions.

You can always spawn the object and then send the X+Y to that object (which will set those as his position).

How will I get it to send to only one object?

Why don’t you invert things?
Make the object you want to attach, the main object.
And attach the other object.

Because then you would be able to jump on the blocks without pushing the buttons. You get what I mean? @PixelPizza

I got it thnks to all the people who helped!

Though if you think of a simple way to do this I would like to hear ideas!

Oka new problem: some reason the green button don’t work. Not the green button object itself (though it might be) just the hwole system.

Please more help