A lot of things not working

  1. It’s extracting the X instead of the Y / some other crazy crap’s going on
  2. I have the motor set to 2. 2! And yet, whenever I press space the sprite rockets into the atmosphere
  3. No errors in console?!

Link to the game:

@grazer this is pretty serious u should take a look.

I think I can answer the motor issue.

When you put a number into the motor I believe it keeps adding to the objects velocity, it’s not a constant. So as long as space is down you are continually adding 2.2 to the motor’s force. That’s about all I can add to this though, lol. I didn’t check out the game itself.


Its possible there were 2 extractors ontop of each other and the x is used.
The game looks like it’s working.

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