A new concept

So, since Earthcore hasn’t been working as well as I hoped, I decided to make another new game based on spaceships to replace it. This time, instead of moving around and shooting bullets, you play minigames to chip down your opponent’s life points while trying to conserve yours. The sprites were made from Inkscape again, but with better graphics this time. Otherwise the gameplay is really short and repetitive right now (which I will try to change later).
There are two playable games right now:
Laser Supercharge: charge up your weapon before your opponent does by repeatedly pressing the Enter key. Does 70-150 damage (out of 1000).
Power Clash: Aid your minions in overpowering the enemy by repeatedly pressing spacebar. If the game doesn’t end by 10 seconds, the losing side will take 70-150 damage automatically (there’s a little bug in the configuration, and matching the glow with the yellow line for this one)
So, I’m thinking of having other minigames with different style, but there doesn’t seem to be too many options. Maybe I’ll do “press <- and -> alternatively” but there needs to be some other minigame… but what would they be? (all open to ideas, of course :slight_smile: )

Since each level only lasts a couple of short seconds, I really want the same music to play without stopping each time

Uhhh nice…the sprites are awesome… I had a lot of fun with this type of games when I was kid… It’s still funny to play

I like the sprites as well

Tug of war but in space? Interesting. Curious what the next minigames will be.