A new game! SOON!

YAYYYYY!!! Sing world will be released January 2022!! im sooo happy! if you want to see how the game works click here!! Flowlab Game Creator - SING WORLD!

(in english version!!!)
(soon portugese version!)

Sooo! thats it!!
Oh! i forgot! THE GAME TRAILER WILL BE ANNUNCIATED SOON!! (in youtube!) The channel is: PimpoPlays - YouTube

(this channel is just portugese! not english but the trailer will just have musics!)
Sorry for the english people!!

But thats it thanks so much! byeeee

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OMG FNF X “A GAME BY PIMPO”!!?!?!?!?!?!


is a fan remake beacuse i am a such big fan!!! (in the credits section i will put a little bit of credits of the creator of Friday Night Funkin (real creator) AND REMENBER!!! the game will be released in march not in january anymore, for SING WORLD 2 be released!!

(new video in my youtube channel!!) RISE by @Johnny_boy

Oh and i used the arrows of the fnf game beacuse i am not so good to draw arrows ;-
OHHH AND (again) The game is NOT READY!! you cant sing!! (right now)

But we have the voices!! do you want spolier? look my new post!!

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