A new games page

I think there should be a page for new games that were recently created so newer people with new games can get more chances to shine. or for there games to be found easily.


I like that idea! Kind of like sorting by new on Reddit?

I like the idea, but some people create game then abandon them so it could clog up with empty games.

So like a “new” games list, a “Popular” games list a “top” games list and a “rising” games list?

well there could be a system for this heres mine: it will search for games made in the past month and show those however if a game still has 0 plays (from other people) after the time limit is up it will give them an extra week (this can happen 3 times per game) and the creator will be notifed once the extra time is up and if the creator doesnt renew there game the game will be removed from the new games page. theres probaly flaws in this but its all I can think of right now

Ok, that would work.

It could just be sorted by newest games that have been recently edited

Or maybe they have to have a certain amount of objects.