A new player has appeared!

So, as many of you know, I have a stupid number of people working on my Flowjam game. If that wasn’t enough, I hired a professional artist! Say hello to @Fangline . She is a pixilart.com user that created the backdrop I am using, as well as sprite updating. I higly recommend checking our her website! https://www.pixilart.com/missfang06

@grazer I just realized…
Is this cheating?
Then again, @PixelPizza did it too…


@F3Art I think youd like this kind of art, just guessing tho

Well collaboration is still allowed. I don’t think this is considered cheating.

I did wut?
All my games are 100% made by myself.
Either way, congrats to the new member.

Yeah that wasn’t @PixelPizza, pizza is a super user that can to both programming and nice art.
If your referring to anyone, its probably me with @“Baron Wasteland”. This is the 2 man team I needed.

Having a “team” isn’t cheating though, just credit everyone.

@“JR 01” he did with Stacey.

Stacey wasnt for a jam was it? I dont see how collaborating with people to make a game would be considered cheating as that is generally how bigger and better games get made. You get to divvy up the responsibility and have others to keep you motivated and on track. Im super stoked to see more Flowlab team ups. The road of a solo indie dev is a long lonely one indeed.

Pretty impressed youve wrangled a team of 11 (or 12 now?). Thats great experience for collaborations down the road! Cant wait to check out what you and your crew came up with (Im not playing any of the submitted games until after deadline so I dont get distracted and start losing motivation).

Stacy was never made for Jam, Stacey was a game built in collaboration with HighSchoolJacob to help sell his story and music (that’s why there is a purchase link to the iTunes store at the end of the game).

HighschoolJacob only made the cover art and the music.
All the game sprites and art was still made by Pizza.

Team if 11/12… WOW
Can’t wait to see the final result, with that much help it must be close to perfection.


@TinkerSmith its pretty hardndoing what we are, I’ve never seen it before.