A quick question

I was just wondering what all of you use for the art in your games

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I usually use my brain. Maybe sometimes I base it off characters from games like Minecraft and stuff, lol.


I mostly asking what program you use becuase flowlabs sprite editor isnt the best program in the world

I mean, I just use the default Flowlab.io sprite editor and sometimes pixilart.com, I’m just patiently waiting until the data type update then the sprite editor update.

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Yeah I literally use the flowlab sprite editor. I don’t really use anything else.

thanks (202020202020)

Sometimes I’ll make pixel art on Piskel but yeah I just stick with Flowlab’s sprite editor

Mostly the sprite editor usually to get a idea I scribble thats how I got Pinku the Squid in Super Squid Bros. https://flowlab.io/game/play/1538598

i use flowlab but i take my time

Please try out pixilart.io

I choose Aseprite all day any day. excellent for sprite making, and if you’re willing to pay a couple of bucks for it (I think it’s $19.99 on steam), it’s absolutely worth it.