A Raycasting alternative to Bullet Objects

SO i had an idea that didnt waste my object limit, so i wanna make a raycast that sends a message to whatever its looking at so it would be possible to not use any objects and still have hundreds of ammunition types… Thats literally it.


Make a lookat : rot >message(to the one you want to hit) > rotation (set it back to 0)
mailbox > expresion(subtract 180 if its negative make it positive) > rotation > raycast(if it hits the player the kill itself or have it take damage)

That would be great… But i dont think the walls are really rotatable tho…

they are just set them back to 0 right after the look at

Well ill try and see what i can do…

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I used this a few times in my other games

There’s a way to loop a raycast to grow until it hits something, raycasted bullets is something similar done in the Call of Duty franchise.

Well the true issue is i need to somehow have the player send a message to the Enemies or item thats detected, but… tell me more

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Very similar to how Tinkersmith made his Raycast, you can grow the raycast on every miss (with a filter limit under 600 loops). But yeah, a message option to send to last casted object would help with this.

Flowlab Game Creator - Raybeam Test

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Hitscan is in Halo too

Ngl, but i’ve requested this 7 times now, along with a way to send message to proximity targets.

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Ok, does anyone know how to “Ignore” an object while raycasting and stop on first object is ticked

Flowlab Game Creator - Condensed Block Example Use the third level. It’s not sending a message to the object the ray cast hits, but it’s using its surroundings to pick what animation it should be. The other 2 levels show how you could condense objects using different methods.

Thats actually really useful, But im unsure how to somehow send a signal from the player to the object thats detected by raycasts to inflict damage

Currently, I don’t think there is a way. You could have a second in front of the player and have that object send a message to last contacted object