A realistic Flowlab game?

I came up with this idea for making a realistic Flowlab game a few days ago and here it is:

Just take a picture of a real-life location and put that as a backdrop, than just use invisible blocks where the ground would be in said picture!
For the character and other interactive objects, just use a green screen and put people in front of them to make animations!
If you want, you could also use a drone to get a top-down view! (That definitely would make getting believable animations easier!)

Now, the reason i personally ain’t going to be attempting to execute this: This idea would require a LOT of resources outside of Flowlab!

Here’s a list of what you probably would need to execute this and the cost:

*Unless you’re willing to spend dozens of hours in photoshop to get characters to move, you’ll need a green screen: About 10$
*Of course, you’re going to need consistent lighting from a flood-lamp or something as well: 30$ (For the kind WE’RE looking for)
*If you’re getting a side-view, you’re gonna need a pretty good camera: About 85$ (And that’s being generous!)
*You’re also going to need a tripod so all the pictures line up: About 21$
*If you’re getting a top down, you’re gonna need a drone with a camera: 15$ (And that’s a rather cheap one)
*For the running animations, a flat treadmill would be a rather smart idea: 120$ (That’s the cheapest one i could find!)

So, not including traveling costs, the grand total to execute this project is: 281$!

Yeah, it’s safe to say not many people will be willing to spend much on a game for Flowlab. But that IS just a idea!


Sounds like allot of work, but it’s not impossible to make on Flowlab.
I rarely see a game use real photographs to be implement into a full game.
Though a simular concept has been made using pictures of drawings to make a simple platformer
made by @CrimsonBlackGames.