A Remastered Version Of IceHeart!

Remember that game I made in 2016 called IceHeart. The design was horrible and the gameplay was too, the thing that was good was the story. Now that I have indie, I can remake and redo the game. It will have a kind of different story line, but on the other hand. I am going to make gameplay a lot better, with puzzles, battles, and a lot more. I just started working on it so it might take a while to come out. if you are unfamiliar with IceHeart, here is the post I made on the original.


Instead of 2 parts this time, I will make it 1 big game. then maybe make more games as addons to the main story.

Nice! Good luck m8

btw i think that “Frozen Heart” it’s a better name for the game
I do not know, it fits more or no

@PixelPizza that is a pretty good name to it, but because I’m remaking a game that I have already created I want it to have the same name as the original.