A reminder to new forum users

First off, try to look at the dates before posting. Unless you have something super urgent to talk about related to the topic, please do NOT post in discussions that have ended more than one month ago! Answering questions that have been solved years ago, in most cases, do not help in the slightest, it only pushes new topics out of view.

Also, if you are introducing a new game, make sure to put in a proper link (http://flowlab.io/game/play/******) so others can access your game easily. Be aware that no one knows about your game unless you share it. And put some effort into it also, no one wants to see or support a game that has been put together in ten minutes.

I apologize that this kind of sounds like a rant, but…
I never thought I would make a discussion about this but this is being repeated too many times, and dead topics are flooding the front pages.

Yeah getting tired from it too. I’ve never even done this when I was a new member here.

I just ignore Play My Game topics without a link now. If I ask for the link and check it out the game is always trash, always those generic platformers and top-down games with flowlab pre-made sprites.

Gravedigging is something I’ve never understood. I mean, it’s so STUPID. Someone has already been helped and then a random guy comments after a few years to point out the obvious or something else. It’s something like “hey, remember that concert ticket you lost 2 years ago? I just found it!”, WELL THAT CONCERT ALREADY PASSED 2 YEARS AGO.

I mean I have a whole entire rules thread announced at the top, right? It is visible, isn’t it? I don’t know, it personally doesn’t show up for me, because I’m a moderator, I had it sunk. I feel like nobody ever reads it.

@“Mhx Ar” pinned threads eventually lose their pins.

@CrimsonBlackGames ah alright then that explains it

Yeah, I thought it was weird when I didn’t see the rules on top :sweat: