A Small Feature Request Regarding Game Modding

I’ve been a little worried recently that people would cheat in DASHER by modifying its game code to make people think they’re getting achievements when they’re really not, which has brought up an idea. What if there was something we could do to prevent people from changing the game?

They could still go into the behaviours and copy stuff if they wanted to, but preventing someone from copying the game as a whole, or modifying its code would help developers who want to prevent others from lying about achievements, which is scarily easy to do, so long as you understand the code.

@grazer Your thoughts on this idea?


You can use embed code to stop people from modifying the game in general :upside_down_face:

make a google sites and copy the embed code, paste the embed code into your google sites, add some lit art to it and boom it runs smoothly and looks good.

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