A Story Of Cotton (Devlog/Videos)

Hi Everyone! I am here to show my videos and updates about my RPG multiplayer game A Story Of Cotton! This game is a open world game where you level up to defeat the king of chaos. The Som King! There are diffferent types of armor and weapons I made. This game was supposed to come out last year but I didn’t have time, so here it is. I will post some of the weapons soon…after I draw them on computer, since all of my ideas are on notebook.( Very dusty notebook) The videos will be out soon, it will be my first so it will kind be…CRINGE. And also if you want to be ping here…

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this seems really cool! cant wait to see the game




Lore about what again?

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Here is the basic character design for the game. I have a lot of armor designs, but maybe if you take this image and put some armor on him, maybe I will put it in the game (Yes you can put anything, and you can also name it) This will also give you credit, when I put it in the game.

Here is a example:

Basic Sword Armor
This armor is for rookies, and citizens that dream about being the best warrior of all time.
This armor also helps defend against small enemies or weak ones. ( There will be classes like gunman, wizard, and archer)

Attack: 10
Archery: 0
Artillery: 0
Magic: 0
Def: 10
(Hair not included, There will be a customization for the character!)


Ping: @BradenS @John_Shrekinson @puginarug @ManiacPumpkin @Pixel_Name1


Bro why does no one tag me I’m so disappointed. Any way I was going to do the same for my game but I don’t know which way to approach it. Any way seems cool keep us updated.


Also will the sketches you made be similar to the game’s art style because I really like the style of it


Yes it’s going to be the same

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Hello Guys I have made the other classes! Time to Introduces the gang!
First we have the wizard! Wizard Basic Armor This armor is just a PJ. But for some reason, it holds a magical history! Here is what it gives you.

DEF: 10

Next, we have the gunman. Gunman Basic Armor This gunman suit is for people who can’t shoot good. The bubble shooter makes bubbles fly everywhere without the person aiming at the enemy!

Arllitery: 10
Def: 10

Next we have the archer. Archer Basic Armor This suit helps the archer be quick, and it is also nice and cozy for the cold. So you know…When the archer shoots he does not freeze and shake, and miss the shot.

Archery: 10
Def: 10

(still waiting for submitted armor designs)


PPing: @BradenS @John_Shrekinson @puginarug @ManiacPumpkin @Pixel_Name1 @KiwiLeaf_Entertainment @CodeAlpaca @DraftyScienceCoat75


k, give me a bit and i’l design something

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Tier 3 swordsman armor
This is for great swordsmen who can take a lot of hits. it can be unlocked later in the game. it also provides some small stat boosts for other weapons.
Attack: 50
Archery: 25
Artillery: 15
Magic: 10
Def: 40

Ok thanks I will try to convert it to my art! I will put you in the armor design credits

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Tier 1 Wicked Armor
This armor is great for glass canon mages and can be found very early in the game
Attack: 15
Archery: 10
Artillery :20
Magic: 30
Def: 5

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sorry for it being done in ms paint, i’m too lazy to grab my drawing tablet and do it in krita

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But you know what you need to change BradenS? you need to change the stats to a bigger number! Because guess what! I am putting this in VIP only, so when the game is done, you can play with your suit!

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yo you should totally add armor tiers (i just put that in my armor but apparently now others are doing it)
tier 1 is like floor loot armor that you get at the start of the game
tier 2 can be better and upgraded armor
and tier 3 is the really good stuff

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okay, i boosted the stats if u scroll up

I plan to do the same exact way. There will be runes that are called evolving runes. They help your armor grow. I don’t think changing the armor looks would be good. It would take too much time. But if I have time I think I would

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