A Survivle Game

Press Space to cut and AWSD to move …
Game: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/249366

plz do not copy my idea
This game is the type of survival where you need to cut trees and stuff to earn points, with these points you can build other things to survive the full moon … When the full moon comes many monsters and creatures are born … Sure that this game is still in BETA started working on it today …

Shouldn’t the title be, A “Survival” Game.

i cant edit hahaha
@Kingmickey what do u think about the game (now haves an update)

  • Now added more biomes
  • Added rock
  • Added Cactus
  • Now you earn points

@PixelPizza Its alright. but i don’t quite like the White outline on everything, It would be better if it was a Black outline. (Just my opinion) Other than that it looks nice.

thxs… ok i will chague this

I might add cacti to mine…

As well as different biomes

@PixelPizza why not call in Su7v1v4l squared!

why squared?

It’s made of squares!

Not exactly but the name is not important yet

but thxs and sry for my veryyyyyyy bad english