A thing that warns you of when your code will cause an infinite loop

It’s very tedious having to reload the page and having to redo a bunch of code all over again


I’ve asked for this before in the discord but I believe @grazer said it would be complicated and nearly impossible.

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oh, understandable this isn’t that needed anyways

This is because the editor code is turned into java code that runs in the browser.
As in the website/editor isn’t talking to the game anymore and crashes locks the game and the page hosting that game. The editor more or less simulates the code and tries to detect the loop before the site crashes which most of the time will show the loop error.

I do think Grazer should put a save icon in the editor and force a save when pressing the test button and allowing the game to run when the save is complete.


If you save a code with a loop error then the user will get stuck and wont know whats wrong with their code

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yea, i don’t think it should be saved

Personally, I rather know where I left off at rather than to accidentally delete a whole bundle of code.


i think i’l just delete this topic

It’s not a bad feature request, and I do think there could be something could be added to help with the idea. There’s just not a way to really prevent a crash or detect loops in the editor without running the game.

I know in python you are able to stop an infinite loop with CTRL + C, so I wonder if there would be a way to stop the code from running once started and send you back to the editor with a warning