A Timer but faster than 0.1 of a Second?

I have a very specific situation where I need a bundle to repeat infinitely until it gets told by something to stop, but then later to start again and so on. But the bundle needs to be triggered instantly, I used a timer and set it to 0.1 of a second to try and do what I’m doing but it’s not fast enough.

edit: Right after posting this I thought of using an always and a switch and that worked. This post probably doesn’t even make sense.

Yeah you can either do 0 in a timer and repeat it forever or use an always block.

An always block triggers every frame, all games are 30fps so 30 times per second.

If you want sometime to happen multiple times within a frame (obviously wouldnt be able to do it forever within said frame) use a repeater block.

@Latif3 Doesnt setting a timer to 0 do nothing?