A turn based rpg

I want to make a turn-based RPG but the main problem is I have no clue how to make it turn-based
could anyone help

One way to do it is use switches and messages. Make it to where while player 1 attacks, all the switches for P2 and P3 are off. Once P!s turn is over, it sends a message to P2 and turns on all P2 actions.

yeah, i also need some info about this. give us more details

So I think that @HumbleTumbler has the right idea. Basically, you would want to have a central “controller” object that manages the turn, and send messages to each player telling it when it’s turn starts.

I have something like that in a little game I started here: https://flowlab.io/game/play/780160

It’s a single player, but turn-based (player, then enemies) RPG.

Thnx grazer for clarifying!