A undertale AU: Deepertale!

Check out a new undertale AU i made! so Im running out of resources so i’ll find useless things to delete but for now check the alpha!

link plz (2020202020)

oh yeah the link…here:https://flowlab.io/game/play/1513769

its not done yet so pls wait

can i help with the boss fights

i dont have indie but yes

after opening the gate a boss will come the guards will fight you

ok i will try to practice

The guard fight is not done yet though

so i will make it give me sprite you drew for a boss character to make a boss and tell me attacks to

well, i created an eye guy boss battle. if you will ever have to battle him.

Thats great!!! Eye guy is the sans version of my game show me a video pls (if don know how get screen castify)