A very interesting problem

Screenshot 2019-08-09 at 12.13.31 PM



Could you send the link to your game?


That looks like an infinite Loop crash, what was the last thing that you did? You must have linked something to something else that links back to that first thing. If it’s not, it’s an unusual crash, because I don’t see crashes like that too often.

I mean unless you use some sort of collision destroy or something and forgot to specify what the Collision was for.

If you tell us what the last thing you were doing was, it might be easier to find what’s going wrong.

@TheUltimateBepis - there is a bug in the flash version where you can end up in this state by doing:

  1. Edit an object and open the behavior editor window
  2. Click play
  3. Press the escape key twice

This bug should be fixed in the HTML version though

Oh yeah, look at that, you are using Flash. Don’t use the flash version anymore, it’s going to be deleted soon, Adobe is not supporting flash anymore, it will be gone by 2020.

Type ?v=html at the end of the website link, or in your profile, click the HTML button underneath your game image. Make sure that you see a green 5 Shield when you edit your game, that’s HTML mode.

Y’know, this happened to me in my game as well, but you can actually edit the game while in the play screen. It doesn’t freeze, and you can just create as if normal