A way to reset all saved values

Too much work for such simple thing

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That’s what I do, but unless we get save states, that’s all we have. That’s what SNES and Genesis had to work with, so Sonic games only saved level, player, lives, and chaos emeralds, but nothing else. 4 saved values isn’t a big deal, but it was a Huge deal for Super Metroid having to save for every item and boss.

Sb:NW has a reset scoreboards button.

Also I have a RESET mailbox. Saves me wires. Sending the RESET message would reset any saves I want, but not all boxes, like settings.

So how does the save feature work exactly? The descriptions in help section sometimes don’t make any sense. Is there a way I can save the game state at the start of level one so when you die it restarts on that level and not back on the title screen everytime?

Just use the next level behavior and make it restart the current level. Don’t use restart game.