A way to search games by creator would be nice

Getting to know diff peeps on the site here. It’d be nice to be able to see what specific games people have made. I apologize if you already can and I just missed it.

It would also be nice to be able to search specific games as well.

Requested a lot. It’s never going to happen :frowning:

Google seems to find games tho


Ok, I added it this morning - there is a search box at the top of the games pages now :smile:

You can search by game name or developer username

YES THANKS SO MUCH @grazer :smiley:

Haha! Thanks!

@grazer You always add things when we say never! HOW!

!!! We need that and/or/xor thing. It NEVER was added back. We will NEVER get it

AWESOME! Thanks for spending time and effort on this. It means a lot.

That’s a nice addition to Flowlab, I’ve been wanting this feature when I was new. except that I’ll probably never use it now (lol)
But great feature, Flowlab looks more official :smiley: