A wee test

testing random level generator, give suggestions for coding and what not

Also, to get more feedback:
@grazer @“Mhx Ar” @“JR 01”

What part of the game is the random generator?

I think he put the wrong link, I think this is the right one: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1186772

Thanks @“Johnny boy”, this to be seem of what he meant.
If this is the right game, then its a good start @MagmaDude100. Though probably trying to spawn a “set” instead of random positions. And set a distance from each other, like if your spawning left to right.

By “set”, I mean like a platform, mountain, obstacle, enemies, etc.

well, I wanted to start off with something easy first

Sets would make this idea easy.
But to make things a bit easier, spawn Sets at markers instead of generation left to right.

A random set will be placed where you placed the markers.